• Efforts to achieve a safer and cleaner tomorrow


    HACCP-related Hygienic Facility Construction Company

    We are a specialized company in the production and construction of hygienic facilities dedicated to safety and hygiene as a HACCP-related hygienic facility brand.

  • We take responsibility for medical device sterilization with a focus on better health and safety.

    Medical device sterilization products suitable for various purposes

    We are producing a variety of disinfectant products that meet the strict safety requirements demanded by healthcare facilities for even greater safety and thoroughness.

  • National Integrated E-Procurement System(KONEPS)


    Government Procurement NaraJangter Products

    It is a government-certified, trustworthy product.

  • We provide professional procurement consulting services for corporate clients.


    Samsung B2B Business Products

    These are Samsung's B2B products, including built-in and system air conditioners.

We create a healthy lifestyle and environment tailored to our customers' needs through a variety of solutions.



    Fine mist is vaporized by the power of the fan to achieve highly efficient mist cooling. Individual operation of the fan and mist is possible for tailored use according to the purpose.



    Utilizing Segi system's patented technology, this system allows for personal disinfection and space sterilization. It simultaneously dispenses mist and air, making it suitable for use as an external and internal barrier.

You can discover a wide range of products from Segi system.
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